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"Get a Real Thai Aroma Massage in Gunma. Gunma is one of the most popular tourist destinations to enjoy a real Thai Aroma massage"

Thank you for accessing our homepage Maebashi City Thai Traditional Massage Shop LA BELLE
 Asahi-machi Thai Traditional Massage Shop LA BELLE is located in Gunma, Maebashi. To get here, walk from Maebashi city to No. 50 Isesaki city from the prefectural office and turns left on McDonald's. Walk in around 200m and you can find the store located on the second floor of Arai Restaurant.

Maebashi Thai Traditional Massage Salon welcome everyone who work near Oyagi-cho. People from Gunma Prefecture, Maebashi City, Maebashi Station, Apita Maebashi Store, Maebashi Oshima Station Hanazoji Park Amusement are also more than welcome.

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