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Thai Traditional Massage

Thai Traditional massage is an ancient healing treatment which combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures.

Thai Traditional Relaxing Massage blends point pressure and stretching together. It is very beneficial to those who have stiffness, sore, and tired from daily activities at work, sports, or suffering from some physical problems. Thai Massage enhances strength and flexibility, relaxes pain, sore and tense muscles. It can help to recover lost range of movement.
​Moreover, it encourages all circulation in the body, activates immune system, promotes flexibility and detoxifies from the body.


Aroma Oil  Relaxing Massage
Aroma Massage is a therapeutic massage with essential oils (highly concentrated herbal and botanic oils) added to the massage oil. Inhaling essential oils through the nose promotes healing and feeling of well-being and beneficial relaxes in the mind and body. Aroma Massage is firm and gentle and use all kinds of technique in one to release all stress and tension from each parts of body. It affects nervous system, immune system, and body functions.

Foot Reflexology

Each parts of the foot sole reflex the different organs in the body. By stimulating the reflex points on feet, it subtly impacts the whole body, affects the organs and glands to activate their functions. Aroma Herbal Essential oil is applied on the feet and leg to enhance the body and mind relaxing. The oil also eases the pain and ache on the feet, leg and calf.

Back, Head & Shoulder Treatment

Here are the very important part of the body because they are the center and central control for other parts. A lot of people have problem around these area regarding to their posture on daily routine. The stiffness and tension on these area cause headache, stress, migraine, back pain, shoulder pain and lead to chronic unwellness within our body. It is also called as "Office Syndrome" for those who work and use computer for long time.

Head & Face Treatment

We use our head all day long and express our feeling and emotion through our face. There are the most muscular bunch on face. When we feel tired, normally our face also express the feeling. The tension of our face creates wrinkle and ageing. And stress that we gain whole day can cause unhealthy problems leads to headache and migraine. 

Arm & Hand

Now a day, we spend a lot of time with our smart phone and other devices by hands. Even at work, we using computer, writing, and many thing to create great job. When we use our hands and arms too long, it cause an inflammation and chronic pain. It is called "Trigger Finger", which the fingers lock and cannot move properly. Some people cannot hold even pen in their hand when the symptom happens.

Tired Leg Treatment

We stand and walk on our feet all the time since we wake up until we go to bed. We might feel tired on our legs and feet when we reach home and sit to relax. Many ladies have leg pain and foot ache because wearing high heel too long. Some athletes also have this problem when they work out and exercise with heavy lower body movement. It causes inflammation when we leave it without taking care.

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